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Herman surviver breaker boots

So do they make these work ankle boots in a soft toe every walmart i look there all steel toe i love thr boot but cant wear steel toe on my jobs.


Herman Survivor Workboots/falling apart

I have been buying Herman Survivor work boots at Wal Wart since Wal Mart opened it's doors. I bought a new pair just six months ago and they are falling apart. Is it time to look elsewhere for a new brand of work boot?


Dye them blacj?

Dye them black? Can it be done?

I have a foot problem and i can only wear your suede light brown boots. They get soild fast.

Please advise.

Thx bruce



These work boot were bought just 8 months ago and the entire soles are falling a part. This boot needs to be replaced or refunded by Walmart.

I am a roofer and cannot wear them.

They are very dangerous to wear , as I could slide off a roof and get hurt very bad. I need to return them for another pair or a total refund.


I have been buying Herman Survivor Work Boots since Wal Mart opened it's doors. But six months ago I bought a new pair and the material on the steel toe of the boot is falling apart.

I can't afford to buy new boots every six months. Especially at $54 a pair.


sqeaky work boots

I have bought shoes from you for years and have enjoyed them. The last two pair of boots squeak.

The first boot I got when it squeaked, I thought it was a bad pair so I bought another pair and it squeaks even worse. I tried baby power when I googles squeaky boots but it didn't work.

Tried their other suggestions which didn't work. Either tell me how to stop it from squeaking, give me two pairs that you "know" doesn't squeak, or give me my money back (about 120 dollars).


Big Buck Item 2595689

I have a pair of your boots well the heels fell apart it looks like the glue came undone and I cant take them back When I was in the army in 1985 Germany I had purchased a pair of Boots and they are still good after all those years I would to know if I can get credit to go and purchase another pair of big buck waterproof boots item 2595689 they should of held up like the pair I bought in Germany Thank You


No good

Who thought it was a good idea to put a piece of plastic right underneath the ankle that's sharp and cuts and digs into your Achilles tendon?


Survivor shoes

I have a pair of Survivor "gum" shoes that need refurbishing - the upper leather is gone in a few areas. Can you provide the service?




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