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The boots were comfortable and fit well, however, they actually squeaked when you walked. It developed the squeak about a week after I got them.

At that point I should have returned them, but I thought if I kept wearing them this would just break in and go away. That was not the case. I brought them to a cobbler and he told me it was a manufacturing floor with the soul and the inner shank possibly.

Needless to say I waited too long I am stuck with them and don't even wear them. Quite unhappy with my particular result

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My husbands boots are doing the same thing squeaking when he walks. He has always bought these boots also. Now this last pair he bought has that squeaking.

to D. Shipe #1563611

I had the squeaky boots also, the problem is the water proof liner is rubbing against the boot, tried spray, grease, you are not going to stop the squeaking unless you take out the liner and waterproof liner.

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