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I am disappointed in Herman Survivor company. I'm a heavy equipment operator and I'm not even hard on these boots, so for the life of me I just don't get it. Yes I've had the boats for almost 6 months, but I also alternate my boots. I purchased my steeltoed waterproof Brown Bison boots from Wal-Mart" yeah I should have known better!

Anywho I was stepping off of my excavator and my right sole split in half. I use to buy these boots when I was a teenager back in the mid 90's. I guess their more for styling than they are a good American boot, smh Herman Survivor I would like my boots replaced. Please & thank you...

My contact info , I'll patiently wait.

Yours truly a long time customer you might possibly lose

Willie Curry


Killeen, Texas

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Couldn't agree more. The pair that I still have (and are in excellent condition) were bought in the 70's when they were still Made In America.

I paid over $200 for them at that time.

It was a great deal - the best part is that the price hasn't really changed that much for a real boot. Unfortunately, only a few companies like Carolina and Red Wing still make a quality product.....

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